Pre-Delivery Tips

Our team are trained and experienced at moving hot tubs of all makes and sizes, there are however a number of things that you can do to help ensure a smooth move for your hot tub. In order for the delivery crew to complete the best installation possible we recommend the following tips:

The delivery coordinator will go over all the prep work and site evaluation prior to scheduling the delivery.  If there is any prep work for your site, be sure to have this completed prior to arrival. The delivery crew is not required to assist in the removal or replacement of any of the prep work.  Wait time for Delivery Crew’s can play havoc with a schedule.  All wait times will be billed directly to the customer.

Take numerous measurements to verify your Hot Tub will fit in, around, through, under, beneath any obstacles.  You will need to have 4ft minimum side clearance and 12ft overhead clearance.   I/E – gutters, roof lines, decks, stairs, trees, and bushes.

If access to your location is limited due to side and/or overhead clearance or exceeded height restrictions, we offer the ability to deliver your product with a crane. This service is an extra cost to you the customer, not the retailer or the delivery company.  The costs for this service ranges from $500 to $1000 depending on height, distance and location.  In many cases this is the safest way to deliver your product.

Upon arrival the delivery manager will introduce himself and go over any paperwork and sign off sheets required prior to delivery.  At this time you should instruct the delivery manager of the final placement of the product.

Your Hot Tubs electrical connection should be installed by a qualified and licensed electrician.  Please feel free to contact our Electrical Contractor: ANJ Master Electric,  705-623-8973, Owner – James Bullock

Feel free to drop us an email with any suggestions or comments about your delivery experience as we are continually working to enhance the delivery process.